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Release Title Date Download
Royal Commission risks further unnecessary regulation 04/12/2017  Download
FASEA Proposed Guidance on Qualifications Pathways for Existing Advisers 14/12/2017  Download


Release Title Date Download
ASIC Funding Proposal Model 19/10/2015  Download
Treasury Appointments 20/09/2015 Download


Release Title Date Download
Financial System Inquiry Comments on Stockbroking Remuneration  08/12/2014  Download
Adviser Register Welcomed as Good First Step on Bad Apples 24/10/2014 Download


Release Title Date Download
Stockbrokers Association Welcomes ASIC Report on Dark Liquidity and High Frequency Trading 18/03/2013 Download


Release Title Date Download
Stockbrokers Lowest Level of Financial Complaints in 2011 Survey 14/12/2011 Download
Stockbrokers Association Launches National DTR Accreditation 05/12/2011 Download
Stockbrokers Welcome Government Future of Financial Advice Announcement 29/08/11 Download
Stockbrokers Association Welcomes new ASX CEO 26/08/11 Download
Stockbrokers Concern at Cost Recovery for Market Supervision 26/08/11 Download
Stockbrokers Association signs MOU with Vietnamese counterparts 08/06/11 Download
Stockbrokers Welcome ASIC Market Structure Consultation Paper 08/06/11 Download
Stockbrokers Association of Australia Launches iLearning 06/06/11 Download


Release Title Date Download
Stockbrokers welcome ASIC Market Structure Consultation Paper 04/11/10 Download
Stockbrokers cautiously optimistic on ASX merger 25/10/10 Download
Stockbrokers welcome 191 years of experience on ASIC Panel 29/07/10 Download
Stockbrokers welcome legislation and prepare for handover 10/03/10 Download
Market Integrity Guidelines 01/03/10 Download
Greater penalties and enforcement powers for market misconduct offences a strong deterrent 28/01/10 Download


Release Title Date Download
Stockbrokers question need for public hearings on market integrity 23/12/09 Download
Stockbrokers support market integrity moves - provided they don't slow the pace of transactions 21/12/09 Download
Stockbroking group calls for detail on Ripoll Report 24/11/09 Download
Stockbrokers Association of Australia - New masthead at a time of great change in the markets 01/11/09 Download
Short selling regulations allow market to move forward says SDIA 02/10/09 Download
SDIA commends ASIC on seeking solutions for the responsible handling of rumours 15/09/09 Download
SDIA to bring together high level advisory body to assist financial supervisory transition 25/08/09 Download
ASIC increase in share purchase plans helps retail investors 19/06/09 Download
SDIA on lifting of ban on short selling of financial stocks 25/05/09 Download
SDIA welcomes ASX decision to re-schedule increases in minimum core capital requirements 08/04/09 Download
Counter illicit market practices with enforcement – not further regulation – says SDIA 11/03/09 Download
SDIA endorses ASIC decision to keep short selling ban on financial securities under review 05/03/09 Download