BIG Data for Stockbrokers

BIG Data for Stockbrokers – 1 CPD

BIG Data. How much do you really know about this hot topic?

  • Discover how to maximise and gain new insights into your current BIG Data
  • Learn strategies to optimise your existing BIG Data and gather new data from external sources
  • Enhance the operations of your BIG Data technologies to enrich your outcomes

This 1 hour seminar focuses on how BIG Data and BIG Data technologies could be used to provide better insight into clients and the market. Being able to collect data from multiple sources, internal and external to organisations (e.g. CRM systems, social media), different types of data (log files, phone calls, emails, transactional data, market research, websites/blogs) and being able to analyse the data fast opens up a lot of opportunities for firms.

The power of BIG Data is being able to not only analyse traditional datasets, but import data from other sources and analyse your existing data in new and different ways to provide targeted or enriched answers to questions.

Just some areas where BIG Data could provide deeper insight:

  • Client Retention and Client Attrition
  • Client sales – Bench marking client or sales based on trigger events (e.g. Comparing client behaviours for like individuals or targeting sales based on client profiles and ESG events)
  • Direct to Consumer advice or targeted advice, not just why, but how and when
  • Risk Analysis – Client risk and Broker Risk (Client default)
  • Fraud Detection
  • Automated Market Analysis or Research
  • Plus More

Course Presenter - James Cordwell, GBST

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