Become a Stockbroker

Become a Stockbroker

Are you looking to start a career in stockbroking?

The information on this page will address some commonly asked questions, and help point you in the right direction.

What course should I do?

The Professional Diploma in Stockbroking is designed for stockbrokers, advisers and investment banking professionals. It is Australia's only professional qualification for securities and financial market participants.

For new entrants, or those aspiring to become members of this industry, the Professional Stockbrokers Program provides the foundation for competent and ethical entry‐level performance in the workplace. Graduates will develop detailed knowledge of the securities and derivatives industry, gain a broad understanding of the finance and investment sector and the products that are integral to it.

The Professional Stockbrokers Program is made up of a mandatory 'Core' Accreditation and one 'Elective' Accreditation. Upon successful completion of the Professional Stockbrokers Program, individuals will receive the Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™.

Having this qualification would stand you in good stead for employment with a Stockbroker however, it is up to the employer as to what they are looking for by way of candidates and their qualifications/education/background.

There are no prerequisites for candidates enrolling in the Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™ although many who enrol have other qualifications already.

Do I need to be RG146 Compliant?

Advisers providing general or personal advice to retail clients, are required to meet minimum educational and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements under Regulatory Guide 146 (RG146).

It is important to note that before giving advice, you need to become an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holder. The AFSL holder will review your qualifications, and they determine whether you are 'compliant', and will set out the areas of advice you are able to provide under their AFSL.

The Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association of Australia's accreditation courses in the Professional Stockbrokers Program, meet educational requirements under RG146 as described in the course information. A number of professional development activities to assist people meet their CPD requirements are also available.

Where can I look for work?

You may like to review the careers pages of any potential employers as part of your research. The following link to the ASX 'Find a Broker' page, provides links to the websites of a number of Stockbroking firms

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